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New 2024/25 brochures out now!

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Discover Australia like never before

Discover Australia like never before

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Celebrating 25 Years of tour excellence

Over the last year, we have used the challenges brought about by international border closures to shift our focus closer to home whilst still capturing the essence of what exploring the world with Wendy Wu Tours embodies.

We are excited to share our range of Aussie explorations – a curated selection of adventures that will ignite your spirit for travel once more. 

Australia offers a journey of discovery unlike most, offering a beautiful mix of contrasting landscapes, from the distinct, rugged outback to the lush rainforests to the dramatic beaches that surround our island home. Couple this with the gastronomic delights of each region, world class wine, fascinating wildlife, bright lights and big cities and you have yourself an experience not to be missed. Did we mention the Aussie spirit? A defining quality is the big-hearted people you will meet along the way that will shape your experience into something extraordinary.

Browse our range here and dare to be excited by what our team has enthusiastically put together. Our scope was to create a range of Aussie products that you wouldn’t necessarily do on your own – capture the Wendy Wu spirit, but make it ‘home grown’ and here it is! Our limited collection range that includes small group tours to Uluru, Kakadu, Far North Queensland, Tasmania, and Broome with a glimpse into the Kimberley.

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Things to see in in Australia

No trip to Australia would be complete without seeing one of the wonders listed below.

Amazing places to see in Australia

Frequently Asked Questions about Australia

  • Do I need a guide?
    Australia is the ultimate destination for exploration, be that independently or with a guide. If you like having an expert at your side for the duration of your trip, we would highly recommend having a guide for your tour. They will be able to take you to the iconic sights as well as the hidden gems with no troubles as well as share their passion, and love for their local region. A guide will be your local resource throughout your trip, whether that be to talk about the history of a place or to suggest an excellent restaurant! Australia can of course be done independently but we would still recommend a guide or local to be on hand to point you in the right direction or help recommend where to go, but apart from this, you are good to go on your own discovery!

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  • Where should I visit?
    Australia has an abundance of wild and wonderful gems spread across this wide land. There truly is something for everyone. We recommend you check out our Things to Do page to find out more about the top-rated activities Australia has to offer. 

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  • What should I pack?
    It is always recommended that you check the weather for your destination, so you pack appropriately for the climate.  Regardless of destination or time of year, we highly recommend packing a hat, sunscreen, swimmers, something warm, umbrella or raincoat and some insect repellent.  The dress code on our tours is generally casual, but some dinners can be in nicer venues, so you may wish to pack a nice outfit just in case. 

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  • What sort of food can I expect?
    There’s no shortage of culture and tradition in Australian cuisine which encompasses culinary adaptations from across the globe including Indigenous Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  
    Our tours showcase incredible foods and culinary experiences throughout Australia from a tropical lunch while boating across the Great Barrier Reef, a 3-course dinner infused with bush tucker flavours at the Sound of Silence, a candlelit forest 7-dish banquet followed by an Aboriginal cultural performance and storytelling, modern-Asian cuisine, freshly shucked oysters from Tasmanian waters, handcrafted whiskey, cheese and wine, and so much more. 

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