Tibet, Nepal and Beyond Immerse Yourself Experiences

Designed for those who wish to be further immersed in the raw charm of Asia; get under the skin of the region by taking part in authentic, cultural and active experiences. Trace the Silk Road to the ancient cities of Kashgar and Samarkand, gaze upon the north face of Everest from Base Camp and explore the sand dunes of the Gobi Desert.

Colourful prayer flags and little orange tents surround you as you gaze upon the north face of Mount Everest, and get a glimpse of the demanding climb up the mountain on the roof of the world.
Stay in a yurt camp on the plains of the Gobi, take a four-wheel drive through the curving, ever moving ‘Singing Sand Dunes’, and stand before the deep orange Flaming Cliffs of Bayanzag.
Trace the original Silk Road overland, through China’s Xinjiang Region. Pass by the ancient Ruins of the Iron Fortress and Subashi, and through uninhabited, dazzlingly desolate desert.
Take a stroll through the alpine Valley of Flowers near JetyOguz in Kyrgyzstan. Dotted with evergeens saw-toothed mountains, you would be forgiven for thinking you were in the Dolomites.
Snaking through the sands of the Gobi, Jiayu Pass is regarded as China’s western gateway. Wander through Jiayu Fortress and on the Wall itself for views of the beautifully bleak desert.
Home to more than 3,000 monks, Sera Monastery is noted for animated and sometimes heated debating sessions, which are integral to the Buddhist learning process.
Dating back to the Ghengis Khaan period, the Naadam is the biggest celebration of the Mongolian calendar. You’ll experience the proud nomadic culture and witness the three ‘manly games’ of horse racing, wrestling and archery.
In a unique demonstration of ancient Kyrgyz hunting, watch as a traditionally dressed eagle hunter and his beautiful bird seek out prey. The relationship between hunter and eagle leave you astounded.
Cut through the Tian Shan Mountains and over the Torugart Pass, a remote outpost marking the border of Kyrgyzstan; you’ll feel like an adventurer of old as you pass through.
A visit to the colourful Sunday Bazaar overwhelms the senses with colour, smells and tastes (if you dare!). Roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself in China’s biggest and burgeoning bazaar.