China Immerse Yourself Experiences

Designed for those who wish to be further immersed in the raw charm of Asia; get under the skin of the region by taking part in authentic, cultural and active experiences. Trace the Silk Road to the ancient city of Kashgar, trek along a remote section of the Great Wall, ride a bicycle between Yangshuo’s peacefully sentinel limestone karts and meditate on the slopes of a sacred mountain with a Taoist master. 

Take a challenging but rewarding hike over a quieter and more rugged section of this iconic edifice as it snakes over forested hills, taking time to absorb the centuries-old history it represents.
Wander past ancient Taoist temples nestled in the trees, to Qinzia Temple where a Taoist priest will introduce you to some traditional meditative practices.
Bifengxia is nestled in the forested mountains of Sichuan and is lesser-visited than neighbouring reserves. The pandas are kept in an environment that closely resembles their natural habitat – an encounter is a moment you will never forget.
Walk to the summit of Mt Qingcheng where you will be met by a Taoist priest who will exchange Taoist ideas and demonstrate the ancient art of calligraphy and painting.
In Dali, cycle to an ancient village and explore the narrow cobbled streets. In Yangshuo, cycle through a serene sea of pastures and paddy fields, watched over by towering limestone cliffs.
Resembling a winding, staircase, the rice terraces will take your breath away. A challenging but rewarding hike takes you past minority villages and spectacular views.
Spend a morning like the native Shanghainese by taking a walking tour through the city’s colourful concessions. Watch the bustle of the city rush past as you devour typical breakfast treats.
Pay a visit to a local family in rural Zhongdian, where you will dine with your local hosts on savoury home cooked dishes, learn about their way of life, and even try your hand at seasonal farming activities.
Nowhere is China’s melting pot of cultural influences more evident than the effervescent Muslim Quarter. Sample street snacks and witness noodles being handstretched before your eyes!
Watch the Bai, Dali’s main ethnic minority, dance in traditional costume while you take part in the traditional Three Cups of Tea Tasting Ceremony in Xizhou Village and get a glimpse of daily life here.