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Japan Holidays promise a unique and dynamic culture that effortlessly combines ultra-modern with deep tradition.

On the streets of innovative, futuristic cities glass towers and tranquil temples stand side by side, whilst picturesque old towns, and gorgeous landscapes are an easy bullet train ride away. Mix these spectacular sights with a welcoming people, delicious cuisine and rich culture and you've got yourself a holiday to remember.

The country's historic isolation has produced a unique culture that flourishes to this day. Distinctive traditions are still honoured from the reflective beauty of intricate tea ceremonies and zen garden design to the raucous spectacle of sumo wrestling. Grand castles are spectacular reminders of the country’s feudal pasts and ancient temples also bear witness to Japan’s deep spiritual connections.

Natural Wonders

It’s not all about man-made delights though by a long chalk. A holiday in Japan will also deliver scenic beauty by the bucketload from the perfect symmetry of Mount Fuji’s iconic cone to the coastal beauty of Matsushima Bay that has inspired poets and writers for centuries.

The wildlife may not be the first reason you visit but it may well leave a lasting impression, Bears can be seen foraging in the forests of Hokkaido, Honshu and Kyushu and Shikoku, you can see cranes dance in the winter snows of Hokkaido and perhaps most adorable of all are the Japanese macaques, or ‘snow monkeys’, which can be seen bathing in the steaming hot springs of the Japanese Alps.

Culinary Delights

Dining will be one of the highlights of your Japan holiday from the freshest of fresh sushi to delicious teppanyaki and warming ramen broths. Each regions boasts its own speciality and the culinary delights range from steaming street-side stalls to fine dining in some the most highly regarded restaurants in the world. Tokyo alone boasts over 200 Michelin starred restaurants!

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Top Holidays to Japan

Japan offers a wealth of wonderful sights and experiences. What better way to explore them than on a Wendy Wu tour?

Japan by Rail

Japan by Rail

22 days from $14,980pp

Fukuoka (2N) Nagasaki Hiroshima (2N) Himeji Osaka (2N) Nara Kyoto (2N) Kanazawa (1N) Takayama (2N) Yudanaka Matsumoto (1N) Suwa (1N) Mt Fuji Tokyo (3N) Matsushima Sendai (1N) Hakodate (1N) Sapporo (1N)
Japan Uncovered
12 Solo Departure Dates Available

Japan Uncovered

18 days from $12,780pp

Osaka (2N) Nara Himeji Hiroshima (2N) Kyoto (2N) Kanazawa (1N) Takayama (2N) Nagano (2N) Kofu (1N) Mt Fuji Tokyo (3N)
Discover Japan
4 Solo Departure Dates Available

Discover Japan

14 days from $10,800pp

Tokyo (2N) Mt. Fuji Suwa (1N) Matsumoto Takayama (2N) Shirakawago Kanazawa (1N) Kyoto (2N) Nara (1N) Koyasan Osaka (2N)
Jewels of Japan
4 Solo Departure Dates Available

Jewels of Japan

12 days from $10,030pp

Tokyo (3N) Mt Fuji Mishima (1N) Kyoto (2N) Hiroshima (2N) Himeji Osaka (1N)
A Week In Japan

A Week In Japan

9 days from $7,930pp

Tokyo (2N) Fuji Five Lakes (1N) Kyoto (2N) Osaka (1N)
Journey through Japan

Journey through Japan

15 days from $11,880pp

Sapporo (2N) Shiraoi Noboribetsu Hakodate (1N) Aomori Hirosaki (1N) Kakunodate Tsunagi (1N) Hiraizumi Sendai (1N) Nikko Tokyo (3N) Mt Fuji Kyoto (2N) Osaka (1N)
Japan & the Scenic South

Japan & the Scenic South

14 days from $10,930pp

Fukuoka (3N) Kumamoto (1N) Mt Aso Beppu (1N) Hiroshima (2N) Himeji Kyoto (2N) Mt Fuji Tokyo (2N)
Ancient Empires of China & Japan

Ancient Empires of China & Japan

20 days from $12,830pp

Beijing (3N) Xian (2N) Guilin (2N) Yangshuo (1N) Shanghai (2N) Osaka (2N) Okayama Kurashiki Hiroshima (2N) Miyajima Kyoto (2N) Mt Fuji Tokyo (2N)
Experience Japan

Experience Japan

12 days from $8,830pp

Osaka (2N) Nara Kyoto (2N) Nagano Matsumoto (2N) Mt. Fuji Mishima (1N) Kamakura Tokyo (2N)
Off-Beat Japan

Off-Beat Japan

14 days from $10,930pp

Tokyo (3N) Mt Fuji (1N) Yudanaka Nagano (1N) Takayama (1N) Nagoya Kyoto (2N) Koyasan (1N) Himeji Osaka (2N)
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Tailor-Made Japan Holidays

Embark on that once-in-a-lifetime adventure with a Tailor-made Holiday in Japan. We will help you design a trip to meet your exact requirements. Choose your destinations, accommodation, touring and experiences to create the perfect holiday.

Discover our Tailor-Made Tours
  • Create your perfect itinerary
    Create your perfect itinerary
  • Travel around any way you like
    Travel around any way you like
  • Immerse in local life with private guides
    Immerse in local life with private guides
  • Choose your style of accommodation
    Choose your style of accommodation

Things to see in in Japan

No trip to Japan would be complete without seeing one of the wonders listed below.

Amazing places to see in Japan

Award-winning Guiding...

Award-winning Guiding...

All of our holidays in Japan are accompanied by a dedicated National Escort throughout. We task them with the responsibility to keep you safe, happy, inspired and entertained and they respond with Gusto! Guiding you through the intricacies and eccentricities of the Japanese way of doing things with expert ease.

All of our National Escorts in Japan...

  • Have a minimum of five years experience in guiding
  • Are fluent in English
  • Are unparalleled experts, born and raised in the local area
  • Go through rigorous and constant training
  • Are at your service 24 hours a day
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Frequently Asked Questions about Japan

  • When is the best time to travel to Japan?

    Japan is a very seasonal destination with each time of year bringing a range of highlights to different parts of the country. For example, during the months of January (in the south) and May (in the north), cherry blossom season occurs; the blossoms are in full bloom and sweep across the nation, blanketing each area in a soft pink colour. In the autumn months, October to December, another seasonal phenomenon occurs, the autumn leaves. Warm tones of red, orange and gold ginkgo and maple leaves sweep across the country, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. Throughout other times of the year you’ll find varied climates; the north can experience very cold temperatures with snow in destinations like Sapporo, whereas the south will have you wandering in the warmth of the sun in places like Osaka. Read more about when to visit Japan

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  • What costs can I expect to pay locally?

    Japan is actually very comparable to Australia when it comes to costs. In main cities like Tokyo, you may find it is a little more expensive than in the quieter, more rural areas. Restaurants and bars may be slightly more costly but not extortionate. If you head outside of the cities, you’ll find that prices are lower for things like food, drink and shopping. However, Japan as a whole is definitely budget friendly.

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  • How easy is it to travel around Japan? Is there a language barrier?

    It can be quite unnerving travelling to a new country even if you have visited Asia before, but Japan is a very welcoming place, making it easy to travel around. No matter what part of the country you are visiting, we will always ensure that you have every detail you’ll need to make your way from place to place. If you’ve never travelled to Japan before, the language barrier may be a little daunting, however, this is never a major problem. Often, signs are displayed in the Roman alphabet and the locals are always happy to help if needed.

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  • Do I need a guide?

    Japan is the ultimate destination for exploration, be that independently or with a guide. If you like having an expert at your side for the duration of your trip, we would highly recommend having a guide for your tour. They’ll be able to take you to the iconic sights as well as the hidden gems with no troubles as well as share their passion, culture and love for their country. A guide will also be able to communicate with you throughout your trip, whether that be to talk about the history of a place or to suggest a great restaurant! Japan can of course be done independently but we would still recommend a guide or local to be on hand to point you in the right direction or help recommend where to go, but apart from this, you’re good to go on your own discovery!

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  • Where should I visit?

    Japan offers an abundance of incredible culture, sights, cuisine and history with every turn displaying something new. Whether you fancy a bustling city break or a relaxing rural experience, Japan has it all. If it is your first time travelling to Japan, we can recommend taking the ‘Golden Route’. Covering all of the iconic places from Mt Fuji in Tokyo to the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, the Golden Route is perfect for first time travellers. However, if you’d like to head off on a more in depth adventure, we can recommend journeying to more off the beaten track destinations, for example Takayama and Shirakawago.

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  • Do I need a visa?

    Currently Visas are required for New Zealand passport holders for entry into Japan 

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  • What are the meals like?

    Japanese cuisine is delicious, colourful and healthy. Meals are usually served with a bowl of rice and a bowl of miso soup and consist usually of fish, pickled vegetables and meat. Japan’s other main staple is noodles, most famous being Udon and Soba. Our schedule of meals is designed so that you can experience the local dishes, their individual flavours as well as the different ways they are prepared and cooked throughout Japan. Food is an important element of Japanese culture. It is a time for families and friends to come together and much of family life revolves around the dinner table. Most food is eaten with chopsticks so best get practicing as cutlery is not always available at restaurants.

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Time Difference - NZST -4 Approx. Flight Time - 13 hours Visa Required? - No Capital City - Tokyo Population - 126.5 Million Dialing Code - +81 Currency - Japanese Yen

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