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Erdene Zuu Monastery

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As the first Buddhist Monastery in Mongolia, Erdene Zuu (Hundred Treasures) it originally had over 60 temples and 300 gers within its walls, and approximately 1000 monks in residence. Unfortunately, during the purges in1937 all the temples, but 3, were destroyed and many monks either killed or sent to labor camps.

The monastery re-opened as a museum in 1965 and in 1990 became an active monastery again. With the number 108 being sacred to Buddhists, there are that number of stupas surrounding the monastery, with the three remaining temples dedicated to the three stages of Buddha’s life: Childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

The temple to the west, and dedicated to the adult Buddha is Baruun Zuu, while the temple to the East is Zuun Zuu, dedicated to the adolescent Buddha, and the main, central temple is Zuu of Buddha, flanked by gods on either side and dedicated to the child Buddha.

This Monastery can be found just outside Kharkhorin the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire.

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