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What makes a compelling story? Is it the colourful characters within? The landscape? Or the rich, complex plot that leaves you riveted?

There’s no better time to explore the home-grown wonders of Australasia whilst still capturing the essence of the Wendy Wu Tours travelling style. Introducing our newest collection that will ignite your spirit for travel and allow you the opportunity to write your own, captivating story filled with new characters and new experiences. 

Our Australian tours deliver the perfect blend of regions that are most certainly on your bucket list, and offer a mix of the great outdoors, the freshest produce and world-class wine, fascinating wildlife, bright lights and big cities and of course friendly laid-back locals. 

New Zealand is a small country with a big heart. Its unique history and vibrant culture provide an incredible amount to see and do – much of it outdoors where you can enjoy its renowned beautiful, natural scenery. This multi-cultural nation paves the way to a vibrant and embracing culture, inspired by ancient traditions and pioneering adventurers. 

On our Australia and New Zealand tours, you’ll uncover the rich history of both nations, visit iconic sites only often seen in photographs, partake in immersive experiences, support local communities and see Mother Nature at her absolute finest. 

We invite you to journey with us closer to home and discover Australia and New Zealand, like never before! 

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